Vivo launched Vivo Apex 2019 with No Buttons or Ports

Vivo Apex 2019

Vivo’s latest smartphone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset with 12GB of RAM. But that is not the most interesting thing about the Vivo Apex. The most exciting feature of this phone is it doesn’t have any ports or buttons. The Vivo Apex 2019 is a concept phone with Super Unibody Design, 5G. Apex 2019 doesn’t have a water drop notch but the soul itself feels like a water drop.

The phone is rounded, curved and has no ports or buttons. The volume rocker and the lock button are replaced by touch pressure sensitive buttons. There is no headphone jack but there’s also no USB – C port for charging or data transfer. You can use a magnetic connector at the back to charge the phone or transfer data. Also, there is no micro SD card or SIM slot. The phone uses a built-in SIM card called the E-sim which we have seen on the latest iPhones and the Apple Watches.

How do you place calls? The earpiece is not visible on the phone but the display itself act as an earpiece. This technology called the vibrating display speaker. How do you take selfies on the Vivo Apex 2019? The company has not revealed that if there is a front camera on this device or not. As far as one could figure out from the design of it there’s also no pop-up camera anywhere on the phone.

Vivo was the first smartphone maker to bring an in display fingerprint scanner. On the Vivo Apex 2019, all the screen area is available for fingerprint scanning. Sometime back we saw a lead that said that Samsung is planning to bring this kind of technology. The screen area will act like a fingerprint. As soon as you bring your finger near the display the pixels will light up to take more accurate information from the finger and deliver it to the sensor placed beneath the display. The company is not using a continuous sensor. A lot of small sensors under the display makes the whole screen area available for fingerprint scanning. So the result is a curvy continuous piece of device that has no buttons or ports on its surface.

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