Hidden Whatsapp Features: Top Whatsapp Features added in 2018

Top Whatsapp Features added in 2018

The Facebook own chatting app Whatsapp has over 220 million users in India. Whatsapp brought quite a bunch of features that were exclusive to the Indian users.

Group Video Calling and Voice Calling were one of the biggest few features that were introduced on Whatsapp in 2018. The company further improves the Group Calling experience in December by making it easier to add participants to a call. As of now, Whatsapp Group Calling supports up to four people at a time.

Stickers have been one of the most popular features of all major Asian chatting apps for years now. Whatsapp was a bit late to join the party but finally, after months of speculation and anticipation, the company added stickers to its platform. Whatsapp launched Whatsapp UPI Payments back in February that allows the users to send receive and request money. The company is still waiting for official approval from the RBI.

The Picture-In-Picture feature allows users to continue working on Facebook, Instagram or watch YouTube videos in a small window. Apple iPhone users were the first to get the feature in January while Android users joined just recently in December.

Group Chatting on Whatsapp received a number of new features this year including more controls for admins and creators. In addition to these features, Whatsapp now allowing group creators to easily dismiss group admins using the dismiss admin option. The creators can also restrict admins from changing group subject or description.

The company also announced that it will remove the quick forward button from media messages additionally the APIs started showing a forwarded label next to messages that have been forwarded by other users. Whatsapp started offering its users the ability to download all the data that the platform has collected from them in order to meet you use privacy guidelines.

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