Mi Pay – How to Download and Use Mi Pay (Xiaomi Mi Pay) 2019

Xiaomi Mi Pay

UPI based digital payments went mainstream with companies like Google (Google Pay) and Samsung (Samsung Pay). Xiaomi has also decided to launch their own digital payments solution called Mi Pay. The Mi Pay service is in Beta stage. But if you want to test the Xiaomi Mi Pay service before it’s official release then you’ve to install the Mi UI 10 Global Beta ROM. To do that, first of all, you need to know is that the Mi Pay service is built into the Mi UI 10. Which means unlike Google Pay this isn’t an app and will work only on a compatible Xiaomi smartphone running the latest Mi UI Global Beta ROM. If your Xiaomi smartphone is compatible for the Mi UI 10 then just head over to Mi UI Forums HERE to download the latest Mi UI 10 Global Beta for your smartphone. Go to Settings on your smartphone and tap on Mi Pay under the Accounts tab. Sign in to your Mi Account and proceed.

You will be redirected to the home screen of Mi pay where you’ll see options to Send Money, Request and Scan and Pay. But first, verify your Phone Number. To do that go to My Profile and tap on Phone Number. Then tap on the Network Operator and follow the prompts. Give the required permissions and once done a pop-up will show up saying your phone verification is successful. Go back and tap on Back Accounts and then tap on Add Bank Account. Select your Bank from the list and follow the setup instructions. You will be asked to create a UPI ID. Mi Pay also gives an option to make your Mobile Bill Payments, Utility Bills Payments like Water, Electricity, Gas, DTH, Landlines, and Broadband Bill Payments.

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