CES 2019: LG unveiled LG Rollable OLED TV with Apple Airplay 2 Support

LG Rollable TV – CES 2019

LG Rollable OLED TV

LG unveiled an Ultra High Definition LG Signature Rollable TV at Consumer Electronics Show – CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The LG rollable OLED TV was actually announced last year. Probably you’ve heard about the LG rollable TV but, it was kind of behind closed doors and it wasn’t on the show floor for very long. At CES 2019 it was more of a proof-of-concept this year.

LG unveiled its new rollable OLED TV to the people at CES 2019 and they’re promising that they’re going to ship it to the people buying it this year. It is a 65 inch (165 centimeters) 4k OLED with awesome panels with vibrant colors, pitch blacks, and great viewing angles. The TV comes out of a pretty clean looking silver box with front-facing speakers in it. The LG rollable TV offers three modes.

  1. Normal TV
  2. All the way rolled down (completely hidden in the box)
  3. Sort of midway halfway down mode that’s called the Line Mode.

LG Rollable OLED TV Line Mode

The Line Mode on the LG rollable TV offers custom UI with weather and things which can be pretty useful. The cool part is actually watching the TV move up and down between these modes. The TV is pretty quiet and takes maybe 8 to 10 seconds to slowly roll its way up and roll its way down. At the end of the day when you’re done using it, the TV rolls down into the silver box. It’s a TV that can disappear into a box.

The whole rollable TV concept was pretty interesting to people and obviously, the box is super simple. The LG rollable TV has an X frame holding the back of the TV and that X frame expands and contracts the corners of the TV. In addition to these exciting features, all LG’s new OLED TV’s announced at CES 2019 including the LG rollable TV will support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple AirPlay.

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