Google released Android Q Developer Beta – Top Android Q Features

Android Q Beta

Google has released the first developer beta of the Android Q (Android 10) on March 13, 2019. According to the Google Official Developer website, Android Q will be released in August. We can expect Google to debut the new Android Q features on May 7th at Google IO 2019 in Mountain View, California.

Android Q Release Timeline
Android Q Release Timeline

The Android Q Beta is available for the Google Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 2 and even the original Google Pixel. If you have a Google Pixel phone you can flash Android Q Beta starting today. There are a lot of changes with Android Q under the hood with things like privacy and security. When it comes to visual changes there really aren’t a ton. For the most part, Android Q looks identical to Android Pie (Android 9). Let’s take a look at the Android Q features we know about so far below.

Customizable Accent Colors

Android Q finally supports various accent colors. Now you have the choice to choose an accent color between blue, green, black, and purple. You can change the accent colors in the developer settings.

Foldable Phone Support

The support for display screens with various form factors has been around since Android Pie and with Android Q. Developers now have the tools to develop software that supports folding phones.

Dark Mode

In the first beta build of Android Q, the dark mode exists in wider areas of the system. The system automatically switches to the dark mode on Android Q when you turn on the Battery Saver. The toggle to enable dark mode is missing.


Now you can control access to your location data on Android Q. You can restrict apps to access your location until you give permission. Android Q will also let users deactivate unique device IDs used for advertising purposes.

Android Q also prevents apps from launching activity while in the background. Google is also limiting access to non-resettable device identifiers such as IMEI, and Serial Number.

Share Menu

Sharing on Android isn’t as smooth as on an iOS. Google has developed Sharing Shortcuts on Android Q. This new feature allows users to jump into another app to share content.

Emergency Button in the Power Menu

Android Q makes emergency services easier and faster to access. Google has put a new emergency button in the power menu.

Desktop Mode

Android Q includes native support for desktop mode. This feature is still experimental it’s currently hidden in the Developer Options.

Native Screen Recording

Android Q supports native screen recording. Now you can record your screen without using any 3rd-party screen recorder.

Screenshots with Notches

Screenshots on the Android Q/Android 10 now include rounded corners and notches.

Notifications and Snooze Controls

Android has always been the best with notifications. On Android Q when you swipe left on notifications, snooze and block controls are revealed while swiping right dismisses the alert.

Estimated Remaining Battery

In Android Q, pulling down the notification shade reveals the amount of time the remaining battery will last.

Share and Connect to Wi-Fi using QR Codes

Android Q allows users to share and connect to the Wi-Fi networks using QR codes.

These were the major changes and features in the Android Q Beta. We do expect to see a lot more features and changes in the upcoming Beta’s of Android 10/Android Q. Try Android Q/Android 10 Now. Stay connected with us for the latest updates on Android Q.

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