Best Weapons to use in Apex Legends – Apex Legends Weapon Guide

Apex Legends Weapon Guide

Nothing is more important than getting your hands on the right weapons, and ammunition in Apex Legends. This article will help to learn the weapon basics and choose the right weapon. There are many types of weapons in Apex Legends but only a few varieties of ammo: Heavy, Light, Shelves, and Energy. This means that different guns can use the same type of ammo. The Wingman Pistol, Hemlock Assault Rifle, and the Longbow Sniper use the same heavy ammo.

The weapons and ammo are color coordinated to make it easy to pick up the stuff you need. If your weapon is blue you need the blue heavy ammo, if it’s orange you need the orange ammo and so on. You can improve weapon by attaching Stocks, Extended Magazines, and Barrel Modifications. The Scopes can be attached to most of the weapons. The Legendary Weapons use their own unique ammo that comes with the gun when you pick it up. So when you run out of ammo you’re out and that’s it. There is also no customizable attachments however they are the most powerful weapons in the game.

Assault Rifles are some of the most versatile weapons in the game. They excel at medium range encounters. But by switching their fire mode to single shot or firing in short bursts they can also be accurate at longer distances. Submachine guns are one of the best weapons in the game and boast some of the highest damage per second. To get the most out of them you need to be in close range with your targets and be able to control their aggressive recoil.

The alternative to the SMG for close-range combat is the shotgun. These are high-impact weapons that fire a burst of pellets. The closer you are to the target the better chance you have of more the pellets hitting them. Light Machineguns have similar roles as the assault rifles. These fast firing, high damage weapons can shred through targets and even multiple enemies. The major drawback of the Light Machinegun is heavy recoil which makes them harder to consistently aim.

Sniper Rifles are the ultimate long-range weapons. The Wingman Revolver is a high-powered revolver that uses heavy ammo and deals a lot of damage. This weapon guide should help you decide which weapons you want to use in Apex Legends.

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