Avengers 4: Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown

Avengers Endgame

Marvel released a new Avengers Endgame trailer. There’s a lot more mysterious, secrets and clues. We are gonna break down everything you might have missed from the Endgame trailer. The trailer starts with a 2-second montage of Marvel heroes. These are all heroes were killed by Thanos in the Avengers Infinity War. They made this quick montage monochromatic but leaving the bright color red in each frame. Red is also the color of the Reality Stone. Because one popular theory out there is that maybe these characters aren’t dead. The ones who are dead maybe the Reality Stone is a key to unlocking the door.

The actual footage from this movie shows fog over New York City and shot of the Statue of Liberty with hundreds of boats docked around Liberty Island. Maybe all these boats are a part of a rescue operation for people looking for others who are stranded overseas. This is it tells us that a good amount of time has passed at least a few months. But it’s interesting to see the consequences of this on the Marvel World here. We also see Citi Field and it looks pretty sad in this trailer. So after the City Field scene, we move on to a group session. There’s a poster with a slogan “Where do we go now that they’re gone?”. The Captain appears to be biting his tongue here bottling up anger and restlessness expressing he doesn’t want to move on. The voice in this scene expresses his thoughts exactly. “Some people move on but not us”. This is Caps voice. But if you listen closely it sounds more like Tony Stark. Maybe this audio is just for a promo and won’t be in the final movie.

In the next shot, we can see Tony and Nebula appears to be repairing the ship. Look at the arc reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. The new nanotech from the Infinity War appears to be part of his clothes but now the arc reactor glows from under his shirt.

Avengers Endgame Stark and Nebula

It looks like the arc reactor once again embedded in his chest. Does this mean Tony Stark has reimplanted the arc reactor in his chest? There is a shot where Captain, Natasha, Dr. Banner, and Rhodey are outside Avengers HQ looking upward at something. We know that Thor and Rocket are among the heroes left on earth. So maybe one of them is taking off in the middle of the night to try to find Thanos. Maybe these four looking for Stark and Nebula returning to Earth or maybe Captain Marvel arriving.

Avengers Endgame Rocket

The next clip is a quick shot of Rocket coming through a door. Look at the new outfit of Rocket. He wears a new jumpsuit that he wears in the Guardians of the Galaxy Comics. But more importantly, some clues in the background might tell us where he is. There are a rocky coastline and some lobster traps lying around. We think that Rocket and Thor are in the same place.

We also see Hawkeye. Looks like he’s in some kind of crash site crater. Next, there’s a shot of Cap tightening his shield. Captain America cap has his old shield back. In Spider-man Homecoming Hogan did mention Stark was working on a new shield for Cap. This could be another clue pointing toward Cap going retro and fighting his old battles. Next, we get a very interesting shot of the heroes marching through Avengers HQ as the Sun rises. There’s Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, Ant-man, War machine, Rhodey, and Banner.

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