Apex Legends Update – New Upcoming Weapons in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Update

Apex Legends Update – New Weapons: Each season of Apex Legends will be bringing new features, including new weapons. Here are some new upcoming weapons that have been found in Apex Legends. So let’s take a look at the new upcoming weapons you can expect to see in the next Apex Legends Update.

New Weapons in Apex Legends

Almost every weapon that Apex Legends launched is based on a gun from the Titanfall. However, there are still some weapons missing, such as the L – Star, a Light Machine Gun. These guns are almost going to be in Apex Legends soon as it’s actually featured as part of the loading screen, being held by Bloodhound. There have also been references found to it in the games files. The information suggests the weapon has very high stats, meaning its likely a Legendary Weapon.

The Combat Advanced Round Submachine Gun is a hard-hitting, but slightly slower firing SMG exists between guns like the R-99 and the R-301. Just like the L-Star, this gun is also very likely to be added as references to it have been found to it inside the game. It would be a great addition with a steady hand and manageable recoil.

Another type of weapon that’s currently missing from Apex Legends is a Rocket or Grenade Launcher. If any of these weapons are added to the Apex Legends they will likely be Legendary Weapon. There are also a number of thrown grenades and similar weapons that could end up in Apex Legends, for example, the Gravity Star.

There have been references to a Smoke Grenade, Flame Thrower, Remote Turret and a Frag Drone called a TickA number of other weapons have been found meaning they are likely to appear in the game, such as the Proto Hold Beam, and Orbital Strike. The Proto Hold Beam drains energy from Robotic Targets. The Orbital Strike marks an area and then hit with rockets.

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