What is 5G? Better than 4G? Power of 5G Network Explained

What is 5G?

We use the 4G network around the world to make calls, send messages and surf the web. Now there are plans to replace 4G with 5G. The 5G network has the potential to transform the internet. 5G is a Software Defined Network which is largely operated on the Cloud. With this you get 100x better capacity than 4G – which will dramatically improve internet speeds.

For example, to download a 2-hour film on 3G it would take about 14 hours, on 4G it takes 8 minutes, and on 5G you’ll be ready to watch your film in just 5.4 seconds. The current 4G network responds in just under 0.50 milliseconds. But the 5G responds to our commands in just 0.1 milliseconds.

For example, Self-driving cars require a continuous stream of data. The quicker the information is delivered to autonomous (self-driving) vehicles, the better and safer, they can run. The 5G network uses a technique called Network Slicing which provides a much more personalized web experience. By Network Slicing technique creates separate wireless networks on the cloud, allowing users to create their own bespoke network.

According to some analysts, 5G will roll out in 2020. For 5G to work properly, it needs a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which requires brand new infrastructure. ZTE and Huawei to start 5G trials soon. AT&T to roll out 5G later this year but in select cities.

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