2019 iPhone Leaks & Rumors: USB C, 5G Upgraded Face ID

2019 iPhone Leaks & Rumors

2019 is here and we’ve already got a bunch of rumors concerning Apples 2019 iPhone. Analysts are expecting this year’s iPhone to feature some big changes. What to expect from the 2019 iPhone (iPhone XI or iPhone 11).

USB C & Fast Charging

The biggest rumor is the switch from the Lightning port to USB C. Back in June DigiTimes published a report claiming that the 2019 iPhone will switch to USB C and just a few days ago John Baptist backed up those rumors in a report published on Forbes. The 2018 iPad Pro has finally made the switch to USB C so that’s definitely the first step.

The rumored 18 watt USB C power adapter is already shipping with the new iPad Pro while also being available for purchase separately on Apple’s website. It offers enough power to fast charge the latest iPhone (iPhone XS, XR, and iPhone XS Max) from 0 to 50 percent in only 30 minutes. Apple could easily ship that same USB C power adapter in the box of a 2019 USB C iPhone.

Triple Lens Camera

Triple Lens iPhone

Rumors of a Triple lens camera coming in an iPhone this year have also sparked from well-known leaked source OnLeaks and DigitDot who published exclusive renders of what this Triple lens camera could look. The three lens camera setup is rumored to support Sony’s time-of-flight 3d depth map technology. This could expand the possibilities for augmented reality on iPhones and make autofocus shooting faster and more precise.

Improvements to Face ID

iPhone Face ID

Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting an improved Face ID system that will be implemented in the 2019 iPhone lineup. Kuo wrote that he believes Apple will raise the output power of the flood illuminator which should lower the impact of invisible infrared light in the environment and ultimately make for a more accurate system both for Face ID authentication and face tracking features like an Emoji.

Back in May Apple was granted a patent for a technology called Vein Imaging Detection of pulsed radiation basically this would allow Face ID or similar technology to scan the veins inside a user’s Face making authentication more secure. Apple doesn’t need a more powerful flood and illuminator for this. Apple’s research doesn’t always make it to the market regardless were definitely excited for an even more reliable and more secure Face ID system.

5G iPhone?

There’s recently been a lot of talk about 5G modems coming to smartphones but we’re not likely to see an iPhone with 5G until at least 2020. Reports from Fast Company saying that Apple intends to use Intel’s 5G capable modem in an iPhone to release in 2020.

OLED iPhone

Back in May, a report from South Korea’s ET News claimed that Apple has decided to use OLED displays in all new 2019 iPhone models. They also mentioned the possibility of an LCD model being maintained if there are more than three new models which seems unlikely. On top of that rumors from ET News reported that Samsung might be supplying Apple the new Y Octa OLED technology for Apple’s 2019 iPhones which integrates the touch layer directly into the OLED panel theoretically making OLED displays thinner and cheaper to produce.

Touch ID

iPhone Touch ID

There have also been talks of Apple bringing an in screen touch ID sensor to the 2019 iPhone lineup. But the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Apple has left Touch ID behind for the hugely successful inaccurate Face ID system. Face ID rumored to be gaining improvements this year.

Improved Waterproofing?

If you’re hoping to see better waterproofing in the 2019 iPhones you’re out of luck. Ming-Chi Kuo says the new iPhones will retain the existing level of waterproofing that we see on current iPhone models.

Apple could move the entire Face ID True Depth sensor including the front-facing camera beneath the display for a notch less and bezel-less design. To make this function Apple would simply turn off pixels that are located directly above any other sensors or cameras while using Face ID or taking a selfie. Stay connected with International News Report – Tech News for the latest news and updates on the upcoming 2019 iPhone.

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